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CIA Lawyer’s Torture Definition: “If the detainee dies, you’re doing it wrong.” (full article)


Other News:


U.S. Military Recruits Children (full article)


111 Nations, Minus the U.S., Agree to Cluster-bomb Ban (full article)


Gonzales Axed Anti-torture DOJ Lawyer, But Promised US Attorney Job, ABC Says (full article)


Law School Dean Calls Conference to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution (full article)


Travel Advisory – U.S. Officials Unlikely to Try Bush Administration Officials for War Crimes, but It’s Likely That a European Country Will  (full article)


U.S. N-Weapons Parts Missing, Pentagon says (full article)


Pentagon: Shooting of Reuters Journalists in Iraq Justified (full article)


CIA Played Larger Role in Advising Pentagon (full article)


‘Disposable Heroes’: An Investigative Report by The Washington Times and ABC News (full article)


A Rare Window Into Gitmo (full article)


McCain wants 45 New Nuclear Reactors by 2030 (full article)


The General’s Report (full article)


General Accuses the White House of War Crimes (full article)


Warring on Terrorists and Staying Within the Rule of Law (full article)


An Unlikely Antagonist in the Detainees’ Corner (full article)


Mr. Bush vs. The Bill of Rights (full article)


McCain Should Know Better (full article)


John McCain’s Chilling Project for America (full article)


Questions for Rebublicans, Democrats, and Others (full article)


U.S. Seeks Long-time Iraq Presence (full article)


To War or Not to War With Iran: That is the Temptation (full article)


Protests Welcome Bush in Italy (full article)


Iraqi Lawmakers Reject Security Draft Pact (full article)


Too Many Dollars, Too Few Army Investigators  (full article)


A Shoulder to Cry On in Baghdad (full article)


U.S. Spending in Iraq Ignored Rules (full article)


Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal in Civilian Courts (full article)


Dan Rather Slams Corporate News at National Conference for Media Reform (full article)


Iraqi Parliament’s Push for Sovereignty (full article)


Key Iraqi Leaders Deliver Setbacks to U.S. (full article)


FBI Interviews of Bush, Cheney Subpoenaed (full article)


Human Rights Group Says It Has Proof of Detainee Abuse (full article)


Articles of Impeachment presented to House of Representatives by Dennis Kucinich (full article)


The Monthly e-Newsletter of Peace Action  (full article)


War Profiteer of the Year Award Ceremony (full article)


111 Nations, But Not U.S., Adopt Cluster Bomb Treaty (full article)


Testimony of Iraq War Veteran to the U.S. Congress: “May God bless America and the peoples of Iraq, & may we be forgiven for having participated in such a devastating conflict.” (full article)


Interdependence and the Luxury of War: The Grand Chessboard (full article)


Arms Trade – A Major Cause of Suffering: World Military Spending  (full article)


Proposed Federal Discretionary Budget, FY2008  (full article)


Bipartisan Consensus Grows to Curb Nuclear Weapons  (full article)


Iraq, $5,000 Per Second? (full article)


The Invisible War (full article)


Veterans Peace Group Blocked from Parade (full article)


Spending on Iraq Poorly Tracked: Audit faults accounting for $15 Billion in work (full article)


U.S. Senate Approves $165 Billion in New War Money (full article)


Military Analysts: These documents were released to the New York Times regarding the Pentagon’s Military Analyst program. (full article)


House Aims at Pentagon “Propaganda” on Iraq War (full article)


Cardin, Mikulski Differ on War Funding Vote (full article)


Failing the Failed:  The Bush Administration and Failed States (full article)


Interactive Map:  Bush’s Budget Cuts Aid to Displaced Workers (full article)


Veterans Attest to PTSD Neglect by VA (full article)


River of Resistance – How the American Imperial Dream Foundered in Iraq (full article)


Senate Resurrects War Funding Bill (full article)


Conyers Threatens Impeachment over Iran (full article)


If the U.S. is ultimately leaving Iraq, why is the military building 'permanent' bases? (full article)


US and Russia ranked among least peaceful nations (full article)


Global Peace Index Rankings (full article)


The Real Cost of the War in Iraq  (full article)


Baghdad Bonanza - The Top 100 Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan (full article)


Center Unveils Windfalls of War II Investigation While the Pace of U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan Contracts Continues To Swell, Oversight has Declined (full article)


False Pretenses Following 9/11, President Bush and seven top officials of his administration waged a carefully orchestrated campaign of misinformation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. (full article)


Documents Reveal Concern Regarding Halliburton Contracts, A top Army contracting officer asks for an independent investigation (full article)


Post-War Contractors Ranked by Total Contract Value in Iraq and Afghanistan From 2002 through July 1, 2004 (full article)


Campaign Contributions of Post-war Contractors, From 1990 through fiscal year 2002 (full article)



The Nation and the Institute for Policy Studies have joined forces in a Strategic Congressional Hearings project designed to spark a public conversation on exactly what kinds of oversight hearings Congress should conduct to call the Bush administration to account on such issues as its conduct of the Iraq War, abuse of power and ill-advised domestic policies. (full article)


Phil Donahue on Iraq War media coverage - watch the video!































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